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We Educate You

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Take control of your life by making educated decisions 

Education is Power 

Understanding the divorce process will help you appreciate what to expect and ultimately help you negotiate the emotional rollercoaster. Moreover, personalized financial coaching will give you the necessary knowledge and understanding to make informed decisions as you go through a divorce, gauge its impact on your life, and start planning for your new financial future.

We Don't Know What We Don't Know

We don't judge 

As a divorcing woman, you may also be dealing with a range of emotions that can make it difficult to stay focused and organized. No matter how well we do this during typical times, we learned we need help during divorce. We know it is so important to gain divorce and financial education during this time so that your future plans are informed with your educated goals and actions.

We provide education through

  • Divorce Tips on our Blog

  • Webinars

  • Worksheets

  • Personalized Coaching

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The Divorce Sherpa offers personalized education for women going through a divorce—helping them navigate their divorce finances, understand their options, and make smart decisions about the money.


We provide comprehensive support in areas such as:

  • Budgeting -- Before, During, and After Divorce

  • Child Support

  • Taxes,

  • Investments

  • and more.


We understand the unique set of challenges faced by divorcing women and strive to empower our clients with the knowledge and tools necessary for long-term financial smarts.


You have the power to protect your peace.

You Got this

Take the first step towards empowerment today – contact me to learn more about our divorce and financial coaching services. You have everything you need to start changing your life.  Together, we can help you move forward as an empowered woman.

  1. What the divorce process is, and what it entails? Research the laws in your state that apply to divorce, like marital property, spousal support, and child custody. 

  2. What Divorce Lawyers specializing in family law are in your area? What are your rights and obligations?  

  3. What options are available to me to settle divorce-related issues? Understand the pros & Cons of Mediation, Co-Mediation, Collaborative Divorce, and Litigation before deciding.  

  4. What financial records are needed for Divorce: Gather documents that provide information about your finances, such as tax returns, bank statements, loan documents, credit card statements, and pay stubs.

  5.  How complex issues such as taxes or investment advice are related to alimony payments or retirement funds. 

  6. How to prepare for the potential emotional stress that may arise during the process of divorcing or afterward due to changes in lifestyle or relationships with family members or friends who may be divided over the decision to end the marriage. 

  7.  What the long-term implications of separating from your spouse, such as health insurance coverage, retirement benefits, taxes, etc. might be, and plan accordingly if necessary 

  8. How to plan for future living arrangements if needed and how to create a budget based on projected post-divorce income and expenses so you can transition into a more secure financial future after the divorce is finalized 

  9. How to take care of yourself emotionally by seeking support from family, friends, or professionals where appropriate throughout this time of transition.

Things to Learn About Divorce


Take the steps towards your financial independence. 

We are here to help!

Our Certified Divorce Financial Consultant coaching consists of individualized sessions tailored to your situation. Through coaching and education, we provide a roadmap to help you understand the decisions you can make and how those decisions can affect your financial future. We assist with everything from budgeting and cash flow management to understanding tax implications of divorce settlements.


We always approach our sessions from a place of non-judgment and compassion. Our goal is not only to teach you new skills but also to build your confidence in managing your finances so that you can take control of your financial future.


You have the power to take control of your finances—we can help you do what it takes.  Contact us now and begin taking the steps toward financial independence. 

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