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What Our Clients Say

I love Sophie. She is smart, kind, and a fierce defender of women who find themselves newly in charge of their finances. Going through the divorce process for the first time, I depended upon her advice and wisdom. In return, she provided a sense of safety at a time when nothing much felt safe at all. She went out of her way to meet with me at flexible hours, explain all the little things to me that I didn't understand, and give me honest advice, while still supporting my personal values and choices. To find someone you can trust - well, there is no price to put on that. In short, Sophie is a gem.

Ellen E., Connecticut

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“Sophie was incredibly helpful in getting my financials in order during my separation. We moved from financials into coaching. I cannot believe the progress I made in such a short period of time! I learned so much about myself and how to get through a difficult time in my life with strength and grace. Thank you, Sophie!”

Terri S., Pennsylvania

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“I highly recommend Sophie for anyone who is thinking about or currently in the process of divorce. She is extremely knowledgeable in divorce finance. She is very down-to-earth and easy to work with. I found her close to the end of my divorce process and nothing seemed to be going well. She quickly helped me formulate a plan to get back on track. She provided insights and tools to help me understand the financial impacts related to the various decisions I needed to make. This enabled me to work much more efficiently and effectively with my attorney. Whether the matter is simple or complex, Sophie will be able to help!”

Veronique R., New Jersey

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“Sophie has been an amazing person with whom to work. I was fortunate to meet her after my divorce. Not only was she compassionate and understanding; she helped to put me in a better place financially knowing that I had three kids to support. My fears about being a single mother have been put to rest with her wise financial advice.”

Jennifer H., Connecticut

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Thank you for allowing me to be part of your journey. I am very proud to see how hard you worked to be where you are at! Enjoy the new YOU, and enjoy your new life!

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