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Divorce Sherpa

Dedicated to helping you become  divorce-ready and maximizing your financial future as you navigate divorce.

Divorce Sherpa provides an effective and powerful way to help you navigate your divorce & its impact on your life.

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Educate. Empower. Emancipate.

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Lear more about the divorce stages

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What We Do

We don’t know what we don’t know, and empowerment starts here!

Divorce touches every facet of your being, and we are here to address your fear, your hope, your misunderstanding, your doubts, and your confusion. Because this journey can be quite daunting, we are here to coach you through the process and support you by:

  • helping you negotiate your divorce intricacies and alimony,

  • coaching you through the divorce process,

  • fostering your understanding of your finances and divorce settlement,

  • and successfully prepare you to tackle your new financial life.


We hope you will enjoy our blog, inspirational quotes, and resources curated to what matters to you! .... we do that because we care.


Our Divorce Coaching Process


We will work to ensure that you feel confident, smart, and empowered about your current situation and help guide you into making smart decisions based on your unique circumstances. 


The Divorce Sherpa is dedicated to helping individuals understand their personal finances and navigate the financial intricacies of divorce.


The goal of the Divorce Sherpa is to help reduce stress and ease fears about the unknown during the divorce process so that you can feel empowered moving forward with a road map.


A Sherpa's goal is to help you summit your "Everest" so that you feel more confident and empowered by creating a plan, understanding what to expect during your divorce, and having some financial strategies moving forward.


With the assistance of your Divorce Sherpa, you will have a coach and a financial divorce consultant. You can go through the divorce process knowing you have prepared for a better financial future. This way, you can feel empowered as you move forward after divorce.


Having a financial divorce consultant can help take away some of the stress of divorce by creating a budget, and a plan, and understanding what to expect financially.


Your Divorce Sherpa provides experienced divorce advice and supportive divorce coaching to help you navigate the divorce process. We also offer Certified Divorce Financial Analysis® (CDFA) services to review that your divorce is financially sound.

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With the Right Resources, 
Great Things Can Happen


Explore Our Divorce
Wealth Advisor

If you are faced with divorce and want to ensure that you are financially prepared for whatever comes next, seek out an experienced divorce financial advisor who can help guide and support you as you navigate this challenging time. With the help and expertise of The Financial Sherpa, you can rest assured that your assets will be managed carefully and strategically during the divorce settlement and after, giving you peace of mind as you begin this new chapter in your life.

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