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The Divorce Sherpa Story

Sophie Helenek is the Divorce Sherpa, dedicated to helping women maximize their financial future as they navigate divorce.

A professional coach, experienced climber and record-breaking mountain explorer, Sophie has achieved some of the most impressive feats with her determined nature and motto "Everything Is Possible." Her success in taking on the nearly impossible challenge of climbing Mt. Everest as well as climbing five mountains above 8000m (26,000ft) in only five months speaks to her commitment and resilience.  Her Sherpa Jinpa, was there to guide her every step of the way. Jinpa anticipated her needs, supported her, and made her feel safe while empowering her to summit Mt. Everest.


Sophie became inspired to be a Divorce and Financial Sherpa, a guide and coach. Since becoming an advocate for divorcees, Sophie has been a pillar of support for countless women as they face one of life's toughest challenges – Divorce. With compassion and expertise, she provides guidance on the divorce process, helping divorcees to understand their finances and build a plan that meets their future needs.


Sophie's mission is to empower divorcees to take control of their financial destiny during divorce and beyond. Her story shows that no matter how difficult the journey, with resilience and courage you can reach your peak. Join Sophie in becoming divorce-ready and let her show you how "Everything is Possible."


Sophie Helenek: Your divorce Sherpa, guiding you to personal and financial freedom. ​​You can climb your mountain with the help of your Divorce Sherpa.

As Your Sherpa, We Are Here To:


Stop doubting yourself. You are worthy. You are capable. You are strong.


Information is power. We don't know what we don't know. We don't judge


Divorce can be a lonely process. We are here for you.


We help you define, set and reach your goals.

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