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Empowerment is key to improving the quality of your life and achieving success.  

Get Ownership Back of Your Life

If you are a woman going through a divorce or recently gone through a divorce,  it’s time to turn things around. Despite obstacles, you can be a strong, capable individual with the right mindset.


Get Empowered

Take control of your life and create a positive future for yourself.

What does empowerment look like?

Make it Possible 

  • Having the resources, knowledge, and support to make decisions and take action. 

  • Feeling self-assured and confident to pursue goals. 

  • Developing autonomy and independence in making choices. 

  • Speaking up for yourself and others. 

  • Developing your own unique talents and strengths as well as building new skill sets. 

  • Experiencing financial stability or freedom from poverty or exploitation. 

  • Being respected for who you are regardless of gender, race, age, or ability level. 

  • Having an equal say in decision-making processes that affect you or those around you. 

  • Taking risks without fear of failure or criticism from others.

As a Certified Divorce Coach and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst for divorcing women, I am here to support and guide you through this difficult time. Through one-on-one coaching sessions and online resources, I will help equip you with the tools necessary to become empowered and reach your goals.

You have all that it takes to succeed – now is the time to tap into your inner strength and make things happen. With my help, you will create an empowered future for yourself, no matter what life throws at you.



Stop doubting yourself and take action.

You Got this

Take the first step towards empowerment today – contact me to learn more about our divorce and financial coaching services. You have everything you need to start changing your life.  Together, we can help you move forward as an empowered woman.

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