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We Support You

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Divorce can be a lonely, consuming, and tedious process. We are here for you.

You Are Not Alone

A divorce coach can provide emotional support by listening to your concerns, helping you process your feelings, and providing guidance on how to move forward.

Don't get lost in the Emotional Rollercoaster

Divorce can be a lonely, consuming, and tedious process. We are here for you.

Let us help you deal with your emotions!

The Divorce Sherpa is here to provide emotional support and guidance through the divorce process. We are here to help you make sense of the emotional complexities that accompany any divorce, while also providing a shoulder to lean on.

We provide advice throughout each stage of your divorce, from separation through final settlement. In addition, we can offer emotional support along the way so that you don’t feel alone during this difficult time.  We can also help you work through emotional challenges such as grief or anger, as well as alleviate stress and anxiety associated with the process. 

We understand how overwhelming it can be when faced with such an immense life change. That’s why we strive to create a safe space for our clients where they can openly express their feelings and receive validation and understanding.  Two common seemingly opposing divorce questions are: "Why divorce is bad" and "Why divorce is good?"

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Don’t go through this difficult time alone.

Let us be your Divorce Sherpa

We are also available to answer financial questions you may have about divorce.  Let’s face it, finances are connected to many emotions. We can help you review your current situation, develop an appropriate budget, and plan for the future.

The Divorce Sherpa provides full-service assistance that caters to the unique needs of each client. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help make the divorce process easier for you. Don’t go through this difficult time alone; let us be your Divorce Sherpa.

1. Sadness – A divorce coach can provide emotional support; help you process your feelings and offer practical strategies for managing sadness related to the divorce.

2. Grief – A divorce coach can help you recognize and name your emotions as part of the grieving process, provide an outlet for expressing your pain, and assist in developing healthy methods of coping with grief.

3. Anger – A divorce coach can help you identify triggers that cause anger and how to manage the anger in a constructive way. They can provide tools to process and express anger safely and productively.

4. Anxiety – A divorce coach can help you understand the source of your anxiety and create an individualized plan to manage it effectively. They may also suggest relaxation techniques or other stress management methods for addressing anxiety related to the divorce. 

5. Fear – A divorce coach can assist in building self-confidence by helping you understand what has caused fear in this situation, as well as providing ways to cope with fear during and after the divorce proceedings. 

6. Guilt – A divorce coach can help identify any irrational guilt and provide support while you work through these feelings so they don’t interfere with future decision-making processes or relationships.

How to Handle Them with a Divorce Coach

Challenging Divorce Emotions

How a Divorce Coach can Help you Find Them

Positive Divorce Emotions 

1. Relief - A divorce coach can help you to identify, process and explore feelings of relief and learn how to use them as a source of strength for your future.

2. Gratitude - A divorce coach can help you to recognize, be thankful for and appreciate the changes that are coming in your life and how they will benefit you.

3. Clarity - A divorce coach can assist you in formulating new goals, ways of thinking and looking at life after the divorce is complete. 

4. Freedom/Emancipation - A divorce coach can provide guidance on embracing newfound freedom after the legalities of the divorce are settled, helping you redefine who you are without your marriage or partner. 

5. Renewal - A divorce coach can provide assistance in setting boundaries, creating healthy habits and developing new rituals that help to bring renewal into your life post-divorce.

6. Relief/Empowerment – Divorce also offers an opportunity for relief and empowerment as you begin to create a new life for yourself and start fresh on your own terms. A divorce coach is someone who can support this journey by helping you gain clarity, set goals, and take action towards creating the future you desire.

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